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It's not about the Plan
It's knowing when the Plan needs to change 


Executive Coaching & Board Advisory
Strategic Planning & Performance Improvement

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meet erin

My name is Erin Sedor. I am an Executive Coach and Strategic Performance Advisor. I specialize in strategy, risk, and resilience design, gap assessment, and performance improvement for organizations of all types.


I partner with leaders looking to create quantum intelligent organizations - ones that embrace adaptive holism, contribute to a cause greater than the bottom line, and value the unique creativity and contribution of every individual within.


I work alongside my clients to create a clear vision, assess performance capabilities, design agile strategy systems, and build alignment and trust.


I am a coach, a facilitator, a problem-solver, and a champion of heart-led leaders. I can help you explore and articulate purpose, growth, and evolution for you, your team, and your business. 

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My clients are unique, and so are the solutions I design for them.  I use best-practice industry tools coupled with creative analytical processes to diagnose and solve problems within the context of the organization - I simply do not believe in one-size-fits-all systems or frameworks. 

My process for strategy design and performance assessment is inspired by quantum management theory. My approach recognizes and embraces organizations as complex adaptive human systems, and I work with leaders to hone their creative thinking disciplines around strategy, risk, and resilience in these terms.​

I have deep expertise in strategy design and enterprise risk and it's coupled with my equally deep passion for people and heart-led leaders. I believe in providing holistic solutions that build up teams, allow space for creative engagement, and support productive change.

who i work with

I work almost exclusively with CEOs and Executive Directors who are navigating new environments and need situational awareness and a deep understanding of leadership team alignment, strategic performance, and enterprise risk exposures.

My clients are often either stepping into a CEO role for the first time, or are seasoned professionals moving into a new organization where the team, strategy, and operational environment are new to them.


I have a particular passion for supporting executives in the critical first 12 - 24 months, helping new leaders gain greater awareness of themselves and their team, visibility around strategic opportunities and risk, and clarity around vision. 


Once we have the landscape defined, then we can enhance strategy design and create the kind of alignment and synergy needed for a successful and prosperous organization.


Achieving this takes a multidimensional skillset that encompasses strategy, risk assessment, and coaching expertise - this is the value I bring to the table when working in partnership with my clients and their teams.

Think you need an expert from your own industry as an Executive Coach and Advisor?
think again.
the difference

You don't need me to tell you things you already know about your business.

What you DO need is someone who will help reveal the blind spots and hidden causal connections that hinder your people, their creativity, and ultimately performance.

I am a systems-thinking strategic performance expert who understands how to engage, support, and challenge visionary leaders.  


My clients understand their business better than anyone - my job is to help them find the blind spots and create the dynamic equilibrium within purpose, growth, and evolution required for today's quantum business environment.

The leaders who engage me are looking for a fresh, smart perspective. They understand that change is constant and adaptation is not an option. They are ready to do the work necessary to grow their people, their organization, and their vision.


As a former c-suite executive, I understand the need to balance vision, strategy, and operational capacity to create a sustainable growth trajectory. As a consultant, I understand the need for candid, no-fluff conversations that get results.

strategy design meets

 heart-led leadership
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Creating a plan that supports taking the right risks at the right times to capture opportunities and gain competitive advantages, all while staying within acceptable risk tolerances, is the name of the game in strategic planning.

But what happens when there is a disconnect between Strategic Vision and KPIs? When leadership is not aligned with critical priorities?  When performance and morale wain because people can't see the path?

The reasons strategic plans fail are that the people who can get you there cannot see the direction, do not know how to best engage their unique creative talents to the cause, and are often afraid to challenge status quo.   

Your people are the most important part of your strategy equation. Period.

I am passionate about centering leaders, teams, and organizations around the things really matter.


We start with creating clarity around contributory Purpose that both inspires and gives direction.


We build intentionality around Growth of the organization by growing the people within together with capabilities and market.


We explore an anticipate the kind of Evolution that maintains relevance and meaning over time with those you serve.


We then focus on the Vitju - the vital junctures where strategic priorities for Purpose, Growth, and Evolution overlap to create a plan that builds a dynamic and sustainable equilibrium, fostering the agile, adaptive environment required for thriving teams, prosperous organizations, and happy consumers.

I call it Essential Strategy.

better strategy simply done


“We worked with Erin to gap-assess an issue we had affecting client capture in one of our groups. From the start, we thought we knew what the problem was and that Erin would simply confirm our suspicions. We were enlightened when her analysis revealed that what we thought was an issue wasn’t one at all – we actually had a completely different problem. She then worked with our team to create an action plan to get the group back to an optimum level of performance. The results have been extremely successful – we couldn’t be happier! Erin’s ability to get at the root of a problem and then support a team in crafting the solution is exceptional.”

~ Lydia Griffey, Senior Principal at Stantec

what to expect when you

work with me

My job is not to do it for you – my job is to add my expertise to yours, revealing new perspectives and opportunities to help you do what you already do even better.

  • I don't do “off the shelf” anything - your project is built for you.

  • optimize whatever you already have in place to create synergy without unnecessary reinvention.

  • I believe in active learning so your team can take the next steps on their own.

  • I expect participation. We will all be rolling up our sleeves together.

what my clients say
Calista Corporation.png

It was a great pleasure to work with Black Fox Strategy. They did a really good job throughout the whole strategic planning process and working with our board and management team. 

Andrew Guy, CEO - Calista Corporation

New Horizons.jpg

Erin has a knack for pinpointing principles that can apply to a variety of strategies. Black Fox Strategy far exceeded our expectations.

Leighton Lee, CEO New Horizons

Ahtna BW.png

I’ve worked with Erin for 2 years. Erin is very professional, listens to the needs of the business, thinks outside the box, and brings back wonderful ideas. Erin is also very dedicated, committed and loves what she does!

Kathryn Martin, Sr. VP Ahtna, Inc.

I can help you get there.

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You have a vision.

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