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Not Just Another Consultant

You need a consultant who understands both risk and strategy.

One who possesses practical experience with balancing aspiration and execution.


Strategic planning is more than a process.

Possessing the expertise to identify and manage opportunity & risk 

at Operational, C-Suite and Board levels

makes the difference between a strategic plan that sits on the shelf

and one that can deliver sustainable value.

Redefining Strategy

Risk & 


A rapidly evolving business environment is rewriting the rules. And the very concept of competitive advantage is morphing right along with it.

Today's leaders need integrated, scalable capabilities to drive growth and sustainability.

Today's businesses need high-speed/low-drag tools to support nimble execution.


Let's rethink everything we've ever been taught about strategic planning and focus on designing a whole new strategy, risk & resilience foundation.


Let's talk about a single synergetic discipline that will rebalance your approach to

mission, growth & survival.


Let's talk about Essential Strategy(c) 

Edge Strategy

The Essential Strategy Blueprint(c)

Essential Strategy is a balanced approach to strategy, risk and resilience grounded in strategic performance alignment, leveraging existing competencies and identifying future capabilities required to capture and retain clients, building realistic and achievable goals with KRIs designed to track emerging risk in real time, and KPIs that report meaningful performance data to keep you on track and achieving success in the way you envision.

The Blueprint design is based on the maturity, capabilities, size, complexity, industry and a myriad of other factors unique to the organization because one size does not fit all.

Approach vs Process

There IS a difference.


Essential Strategy is all about the approach taken with strategic planning - the context around the most important decisions you make for your business.


The process chosen simply guides the way for getting it done and will be unique to every organization.

The complexity comes with choosing and using the right tools in the right way, 

and then correctly interpreting the relevance and interconnectedness of the data revealed.


For My Clients

Strategic Planning

Board Facilitation & Training

Operational Planning

Framework Design

Program Refresh/Update

Strategy Risk & Gap Analysis

Growth & Re-Org Strategy

Revenue Capture

Performance Alignment

Risk Appetite & Tolerance

Mission Critical Risk & Resilience

Operational Alignment

Decision Agility & Information Flow

Continuity & Resilience

Emerging Risk

Program Risk & Mitigation

Scope Gap & Exposure

Execution Risk

Mitigation Planning



Provide strategy, risk & resilience design solutions that move my clients and their businesses forward. 


Create a simplified, integrated approach to strategy, risk and resiliency that sets a new standard for performance excellence.

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