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Ready to up your strategy game?

Get clear on your vision.

Align your team.

Solve the right problems.

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Is this you?

Growth has been steady, but getting it done - and done right - is getting harder by the day.

You came in to lead with new vision and energy, but lack of progress has you doubting your direction, conviction, and capabilities.  

Strategy is rigid, overly complicated and disconnected from the core vision of the organization.

Your team is brilliant, but they are all over the place with no alignment on strategic priorities. 

You've made it through start-up and are seeing significant growth, but now you need to evolve and mature so you can maintain that success.

Your organization is unique and so are the challenges you face.

No single framework or off-the-shelf system guarantees success because teams and organizations are highly dynamic by nature. Let’s start by understanding and solving the right problems.         

Erin Sedor, Executive Coach

What I Do

Performance Analysis

Strategic Planning

Executive Coaching

Strategic Performance Analysis

Information is power. It’s time to identify what's really driving performance within your team and your organization - and not just from your perspective but also that of your customer, market, and industry. A right move at the wrong time is still a wrong move – are you confident that you have everything you need to make the best decisions for the stage of growth you're in right now?

  • Understand if your organizational maturity aligns with and can support your current stage of growth.

  • Identify the operational and leadership structures you need to be both effective and agile.

  • Resolve the disconnects between people, systems, and tools brought on by rapid change and organic adaptation.

  • Reveal and align risk appetite to empower strategy-smart decision-making at every level.

  • Gain 360 Visibility into what it will take to get to the next level of success.

Strategic Planning & Design

Strategic planning – when done right – builds deep insight and enables a self-evolving strategic thinking discipline. Are you ready to move with intention regardless of what the future brings?​​

  • Align your vision, mission, and values to create an internally compelling purpose that empowers and sustains.

  • Challenge status quo assumptions around growth and evolution of your organization.

  • Solve fundamental challenges in performance execution as part of the strategy design.

  • Create an effective mechanism to assess new initiatives, prioritizing time, energy, and resources around critical imperatives.

  • Link the work you do to the strategy you've built, defining meaningful KPIs and preemptive KRIs that support performance and nimble navigation.

It's about knowing when the plan needs to change.
It's not about the plan.

Strategy Coaching for Executives

My coaching practice is designed to transform the c-suite from a group of smart capable individuals into a powerfully cohesive and quantum-intelligent team. By combining science, a servant-leader aproach, and a quantum-intelligent mindset, we will work together to build the team you need to deliver the vision you have.

  • Discover the leadership and communication styles that create high-performance teams.

  • Raise awareness of cognitive, interpersonal, and motivational traits to elevate relationships and improve collaboration.

  • Challenge status quo behavior and assumptions around risk appetite to empower better decisions and organic adaptation.

  • Build trust through communication, action, and collective accountability.

  • Engender commitment to the sustainability and health of the organization as a whole - not just this quarter's bottom line.

I believe in relationships - not hit-and-run consulting. The hybrid Intelligence+Design+NavigationTM approach I use will give you the tools you need to see the path, find the solutions, and build the internal strategic-thinking disciplines you need to succeed.  

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The Evolution Challenge

The business is solid. Growth is steady. You’ve done all the “right” things. 

It should be smooth sailing but it’s not. It’s causing you to doubt your strategy, your team, and even yourself.

An Evolution Challenge exists in any turbulent space of change, where complexity begins to trample agility, and the structure of teams, systems, and operational flow increasingly hinder the organic adaptation you need to scale and grow.


Your organization moves through stages of growth - it is a natural outcome of success. However, the process of moving from one stage to the next is often painful. Just as whitewater rapids are meant to be navigated, this space of change must be traversed - staying there any longer than necessary will cost you people, customers, and strategic relevance.


The primary mistake leaders make when facing an evolution challenge is making changes that solve the wrong problems. Understanding your organization through a quantum-intelligent lens will tell you not just what, but how and when to navigate those changes with confidence.  


Ready to find out how to up your strategy game?

The decision to evolve is a pivotal one. How you navigate it is everything.
It's time to embrace uncertainty. Leverage it for the opportunities it creates.

The Quantum Connection

Today's future businesses recognize the entangled reality of relationships, organic learning, agile adaptation, and success.

Your organization is a dynamic learning, evolving, and often unpredictable system. You can try to rachet it down with rigid controls, or you can create an environment that fosters adaptive learning and dynamic problem-solving.


Center your strategy around clear priorities that support the purpose, growth, and evolution of both your organization and your people. Create a flexible yet robust framework that guides strategic decision-making as the agile and fluid discipline you always wanted it to be.

Sana P. Efird.png

From the moment I read Erin's proposal for developing our Strategic Plan, I knew Black Fox Strategy was the company I wanted to work with. Erin’s approach is not the usual formula-driven process that everyone else proposed. Erin delved into the past and current situation of the organization to understand where we came from and how we arrived at our current situation. I appreciated her interactive listening to comprehend our goals and craft a plan to bring us to the future state necessary to achieve sustainability for the organization. Erin is very personable, relatable, and easy to communicate with. I would recommend her to any organization that wants to embrace a new direction that goes beyond the bottom line and also includes engaging all the human aspects needed to successfully implement a new direction.

~ Sana P. Efird, Executive Director, Alaska Commission on Postsecondary Education

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How We Begin

Everything starts with a conversation. 

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