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Let your business thrive.

Black Fox Strategy logo Erin Sedor

Our clients are unique, and so are the solutions we design for them. While we use the best industry tools and analytical processes to diagnose and solve problems, you will not find us depending on a one-size-fits-all product.

With our deep expertise in strategy design and enterprise risk analysis coupled with our heart-led leadership philosophy, we provide holistic solutions in executive coaching, strategic planning, risk strategy advisory, and professional development.



Erin Sedor is a risk and strategy expert supporting clients in a variety of industries in the for-profit, non-profit, and government sectors. She designed the Essential Strategy approach.


An emerging thought leader in the area of integrated strategy, risk, and resilience systems, Erin has nearly 30 years of experience as a risk professional, C-suite officer, non-profit board chair, and now executive coach, advisor, and strategy design expert.

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

who we work with

We work almost exclusively with CEOs and similarly situated top executives who are navigating a new environment and need rapid situational awareness around leadership team alignment, strategic performance, and enterprise risk exposures.


Our clients are typically either stepping into a CEO role for the first time, or are seasoned professionals moving into a new organization where the team, strategy, and operational environment are new to them.


We support the critical first 12 - 24 months, helping our leaders gain greater awareness of themselves and their team, visibility around strategic opportunities and risk, and greater clarity around vision. 


We then help to enhance strategy design and create the kind of alignment and synergy that drives performance throughout the organization.

Think you need an expert in your own industry to support your risk and strategy needs?
think again.
the black fox difference

You don't need us to tell you things about your business that you already know. 


 What  you do need is someone who will help you find the blind spots and accurately identify the hidden drivers that are hindering performance.  


We have that deep expertise in strategy and risk system design and gap assessment with real-world experience in applying it in virtually any environment.  We then back up tactical diagnostic work with a people-first, heart-led philosophy that provides holistic solutions that have long-lasting effects. 


Our clients range from start-ups to billion-dollar global entities.


We know how to build risk-based strategies and improve performance in non-profits, universities, local government administration, Alaska Native Corporations, Tribal entities, and even churches.

Our extensive experience takes us across more industries than most, and we succeed because our focus is on bringing new insight to the strategy-risk discussion in a way that adds value to your own process and recognizes the contribution of every human on your team

strategy design meets

  heart-led leadership

Creating a plan that supports taking the right risks at the right times to capture opportunities and gain competitive advantages, all while staying within acceptable risk tolerances, is the name of the game in strategic planning.

But what happens when goals are disconnected from vision, when leadership is not aligned around critical priorities when the organization drifts because its people can't see the path?

We work with clients to improve risk visibility and strategy design by centering leaders, teams, and organizations around meaningful Purpose, intentional Growth, and anticipatory Evolution.

We do this in a way that compliments strategy frameworks already in place, and without necessary complexity or reinvention.

This is better strategy, simply done.


This is  Essential Strategy.


why we're different

Our unique value comes from our ability to assess and identify the drivers of strategic performance risk wherever it exists within your organization and provide holistic, people-centric solutions. 


You and your team know what your strategy needs to be – we will make it even better by helping you identify and solve potential disconnects and gaps in the design, communication, and execution of your plan.


our promise to you

We will NEVER try to fit your problem into a pre-determined solution, ask you to start over from scratch, create more complexity than you need, or sell you a service that doesn’t solve a problem.

We WILL bring greater visibility to what is slowing you down.

We WILL reveal how to improve alignment and performance of your senior leadership team.

We WILL help you embrace uncertainty and respond with agility through a well-articulated risk appetite.

We WILL show you how to clarify vision and design a more meaningful strategy.

We WILL show you how to strike a balance of purpose, growth, and evolution for yourself,  your team, and your organization.


“We worked with Black Fox Strategy in 2019 to gap assess an issue we had affecting client capture in one of our groups. From the start, we thought we knew what the problem was and that Erin would simply confirm our suspicions. We were enlightened when her analysis revealed that what we thought was an issue wasn’t one at all – we actually had a completely different problem. She then worked with our team to create an action plan to get the group back to an optimum level of performance. The results have been extremely successful – we couldn’t be happier! Erin’s ability to get at the root of a problem and then support a team in crafting the solution is exceptional.”

~ Lydia Griffey, Senior Principal at Stantec

what to expect when you

work with us

Our job is not to do it for you – our job is to add our expertise to yours, revealing new perspectives and opportunities to help you do what you do even better.

  • We don’t “off the shelf” anything - your project is built for you.

  • We optimize whatever you already have in place to create synergy without reinventing the wheel.

  • We believe in action-oriented outcomes and prioritized action plans to help you take the next step.

  • We will show you how to define and measure the ROI of your project.

  • We expect participation. We will all be rolling up our sleeves together.

what our clients say
Calista Corporation.png

It was a great pleasure to work with Black Fox Strategy. They did a really good job throughout the whole strategic planning process and working with our board and management team. 

Andrew Guy, CEO - Calista Corporation

arctic energy.jpeg

Erin was a great resource in helping my evaluation of some businesses I was considering purchasing. I highly recommend her for that type of assistance as well as strategic planning, leadership development, business process development, gap assessments, and risk evaluation.

Kathy Dunkelberger, Manager - Arctic Energy Development

Ahtna BW.png

I’ve worked with Erin for 2 years. Erin is very professional, listens to the needs of the business, thinks outside the box, and brings back wonderful ideas. Erin is also very dedicated, committed and loves what she does!

Kathryn Martin, Senior VP, Ahtna, Inc.

We can help you get there.


You have a vision.

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