If you are here, you're likely trying to figure out if I am the kind of person you want helping you and or your organization.


Finding a good consultant is as much about personal philosophy and style as it is about expertise.


As with anyone, there are many facets to my personality, mission, and philosophy, and I am happy to share some of them here to help you determine whether or not you want to pick up the phone and have a conversation.


In either case, I am sincerely grateful that you took the time to visit. 

Best wishes,


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 the Strategist

Strategy, at its best, is adaptive and evolutionary. It requires adaptive and evolutionary thinkers and the collective input and experience of those thinkers across their various disciplines.


A master strategist is someone who has deep expertise in not only facilitating the strategy review and development process, but supporting in-depth analysis of organizational performance, capabilities, market drivers, and industry change.


They have the underlying skills and expertise to see your organization holistically and are adept at ferreting out critical information and connections that are hard to see when you're too close to the fire.


A master strategist possesses the innovative mindset of a designer, the holistic perspective of a builder, and the pragmatic skills of a planner and implementor.


Inside of an organization, master strategists are leaders and visionaries. As consultants, they are analysts, problem-solvers, and advisors.


This is what I do.

My job is to walk alongside senior leaders and business owners to gap assess capabilities, define risk appetite, and build agile frameworks for strategy execution that will deliver on purpose and vision. I augment the operational and industry expertise of embedded leadership teams with my own expertise in strategy/risk systems and design, teasing out realities that are too close to be seen by those in the trenches and asking the sometimes obvious questions that have not-so-obvious answers. 


My expertise is not industry-driven, rather it is very specific to the analysis and design of strategy, risk, and resilience within organizational environments. I have a broad foundation of expertise and knowledge that gives me the perspective and insight to add value to any leadership team looking to move their organization through significant transition or take their operation to the next level of evolution.

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the Woman

The first thing you should know about Erin the person is that I am very passionate about what I do. Problems intrigue me. I dig until I get to the heart of the issue – the real issue – the invisible thing (or things) responsible for driving all the visible chaos.


It is people that bring an entity to life, developing the requisite systems, programs, and plans for operating, steering, and managing. This of course creates layers of complexity when solving large-scale problems because people are complex. It’s not easy to do and get right, but I love it and I’m good at it

The second thing you should know is that I have an intense desire to help people succeed, to get them beyond the boundaries that are challenging their success.


I do this by helping to pull back the proverbial curtain to see if vision and strategy are truly connected, if risk is understood to the root and limb, if intelligent creativity is allowed to flourish, and if resilience runs to the core. When I can help someone understand and connect what they can do with where they want to go, the future becomes easier to navigate.

A final fun fact about Erin is that I have no interest in doing work for the sake of busywork. The satisfaction of making a difference and supporting the creation of lasting, productive change is extremely important to me, so I choose my projects and clients with care. 

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the Warrior

When I say the word warrior, it probably invoked a vision of soldiers, servicemen and women, troopers, and fighters. But there are warriors of many kinds. Anyone engaged in any struggle or conflict for the betterment of humankind is a warrior. It’s a matter of discovering one’s purpose – the thing that we are willing to actively engage in and sacrifice for - our time, energy, and knowledge - such that it contributes to the greater good.


We choose our battles both personal and professional.

We choose our weapons and tools.

We choose our allies.


  • In every company, industry, organization, and cause, there are people working to make a better future for themselves and for others; not to profit at the expense of others, but to contribute to the greater whole both in and outside the organization. These are the people I stand alongside and fight for.


  • No single person has the full vision, experience, and depth of knowledge that is possible when the right team comes together. Knowledge, skills, and expertise are my tools, experience, insight and intuition are my weapons, and I am humbled when I can contribute to leadership teams at critical junctures of their evolution.


  • My allies are trusted partners who act with grace, ethics, and an unwavering intent to support the greatest good in the work they do. I stand with thought leaders who champion humans above all else, furthering the knowledge that people at their best within the organization are aligned with the vision, have the freedom to contribute value through their unique creative talents, and are treated with dignity regardless of circumstance.


The battles I fight every day help leaders design more agile and informed strategies.




Because when strategy design is good, it articulates a meaningful vision and plan that can be understood, aligned with, and contributed to, at all levels of the organization. It is focused on more than the bottom line and it recognizes the value of every individual involved.


When all this happens, internal chaos falls away, productivity increases, culture is strengthened, and those intended to be served are served. In other words, people are enriched and experience greater joy in this thing we call work – the place where we spend nearly a third of our lives.


This is a battle worth fighting.


the Poet

A poet is defined as a person possessing special powers of imagination or expression whose essential medium is one of communication. Walt Emerson in 1884 proposed that a poet is a seer who articulates the universal truths that bind humanity together. Even Albert Einstein quipped a poetic line or two, my favorite being everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom. When we muse upon the world, our lives, and our purpose within it, we create our own poetry in any number of mediums and forms, and it offers a glimpse of the universe as we see it. When sharing one's poetry benefits even a single other soul, the contribution is immeasurable.


I have a talent for seeing what is not easily seen, to explain things in a way that cuts through the static, finding relevance otherwise lost to the noise. This perspective helps my clients hone in on the underlying causes of issues that are holding them back. Sometimes they already know and are looking for validation – sometimes the process is more enlightening. In either case, it reveals a path for moving forward and provides useful insight to further success.


I also have a passion for sharing the lessons I’ve learned, the knowledge I’ve accumulated, and the humor of all the times I took myself way too seriously. We owe the generations that follow the benefit of our wisdom and cautionary tales. We also owe them grace, dignity, and freedom of thought – whether or not we have enjoyed these things ourselves. An organization is simply an organism made up of the collective sum of the individuals within it. It would therefore follow that the Golden Rules we apply to ourselves must apply equally to business…. how can they not?

In business, we must continue to learn how to balance logic and intuition, strength and flexibility, action and patience, purpose and evolution. This is the path to creating the kind of contribution that leads to sustainable success.


These are the things that are important to me. I share as I see them from my perspective, for the benefit of the one or the many. 

the Expert

Erin Sedor is a strategy, risk, and resilience expert with more than twenty-five years of experience across legal, finance, risk, quality, and administration operations. She has built risk and strategy programs within publicly-traded, for-profit and highly complex Alaska Native Corporations. As a former c-suite executive, Erin understands the need to balance strategy and operational feasibility to move an organization along a sustainable growth trajectory. As a consultant, she has successfully supported risk and strategy analysis, design, and programming for non-profit, coop, municipal, for-profit, and federal contracting entities ranging from start-ups to companies exceeding $1 billion in revenues each year. Because her expertise falls in strategy and risk systems design, her clients span a multitude of industries.

My expertise is very specific to risk and strategy, so I am not bound by industry or market. My particular "sweet spot" is in working with entities experiencing significant transition, challenged in ways both good and bad by rapidly transforming business environments. By creating elastic systems to identify risk and opportunity gaps between internal capabilities and industry/market shifts, I help leaders build hyper-efficient disciplines that improve both efficacy and speed of critical operational and strategic decision-making.

Erin holds BA degrees in finance and organizational development, an MBA in Operational Risk, and multiple risk and strategy-related professional certifications and designations. Erin regularly writes, speaks, and teaches on the topics of strategy, risk, and resilience. Her passion projects center around personal empowerment, freedom of choice, and pursuing a purpose-driven life.


Erin lives in Alaska with her husband of 30 years and enjoys her family and a growing number of grandchildren. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. focused on continuing research to understand and improve strategy alignment and success within organizations.

What My Clients Say

“We worked with Black Fox Strategy in 2019 to gap assess an issue we had affecting client capture in one of our groups. From the start, we thought we knew what the problem was and that Erin would simply confirm our suspicions. We were enlightened when her analysis revealed that what we thought was an issue wasn’t one at all – we actually had a completely different problem. She then worked with our team to create an action plan to get the group back to an optimum level of performance. The results have been extremely successful – we couldn’t be happier! Erin’s ability to get at the root of a problem and then support a team in crafting the solution is exceptional.”

- Lydia Griffey, Senior Principal at Stantec

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