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Our Services

We offer customized business consulting packages for organizations across multiple industries.

Our clients are unique and so are the solutions we design for them. 


While we use the best industry tools and analytical processes to diagnose and solve problems, you will not find us depending on a one-size-fits-all product. Our goal is to help your organization so we will scope and design a project that gives you the results you need within the budget you have. Cost estimates are impacted by the size, complexity and urgency of the project, and we will always identify potential work that you can do in-house to save on fees.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

Strategy Gap & Performance Improvement

Enterprise Risk & Resilience Programming

Board Development & Advisory

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Core Strategy Risk & Resilience Assessment Services

Core Strategy Risk & Resilience Assessment

Strategic Performance Alignment (SPA)

Focus: Leadership Assessment

Focuses on the Board and Senior Management team to ensure clarity and alignment across the organization’s stated Purpose, the Board’s strategic intent and Management directives.


  • Aligns Board intent & Senior Management action

  • Provides clear definition of Risk Appetite

  • Ties performance metrics to vision and mission

  • Improves strategic decision-making

Mission Critical 360  (MC360)


Focus: Operational Gap Assessment

Assesses every major function of the organization to identify and assess viability of those areas defined as mission critical to ensure that the operational infrastructure is able to support successful execution of strategy.


  • Defines Mission Critical for the organization

  • Reveals gaps in mission critical functions/processes

  • Identifies root cause of systemic performance issues

  • Improves efficiency and reliability

Synergy & Optimization 360   (SO360)


Focus: Comprehensive Organizational Health Check

Combines certain elements of the SPA and MC360 with a deeper analysis of culture and organizational identity to provide a holistic, organization-wide assessment to determine how well it fulfills Purpose, executes Growth and ensures Survival. 


Benefits of SPA and MC360 PLUS

  • Aligns operational execution with strategic intent

  • Reveals underlying drivers of culture & morale

  • Identifies where/how the organization must adapt and evolve

Executive Transition 360  (Exec360)


Focus: Hybrid Alignment & Strategy Gap Assessment

Designed to smooth the transition of key senior executives, this assessment combines the SPA with strategic elements of the MC360 and the OSO based on the needs and focus of the project.


  • Ensures clear articulation of Board intent and risk appetite

  • Provides a strategic performance baseline

  • Significantly reduces “burn-in” time and related decision error

  • Reduces adverse impact of change on the organization

Strategic Performance Alignment

We developed our SPA product to address disconnects between the Board and Leadership in areas of strategic vision, risk appetite, governance expectations and tone of culture. The basic project includes customized survey and interview work at the Board and Senior Management levels that result in a comprehensive Analysis & Recommendations Report that is typically followed-up with one or more workshops to address and resolve misalignments identified. We document and present all outcomes of our work, including often defined risk appetite and tolerance statements, and complete each project with a final Summary & Recommendations Report.


Mission Critical


Our MC360 projects address performance risk in all operational aspects of the organization in order to identify those processes, systems, functions and tools that are mission critical to strategy execution at various levels of the organization. Work typically involves review of strategic objectives, past goal performance, operational programs, systems documentation, third party relationships and key management interviews to produce a preliminary Findings Report.
Projects conclude with a final Summary & Recommendations Report.

Exectutive Transition


Executive transitions are costly, time-consuming and disruptive – getting it right is absolutely critical. Our ET360 provides a baseline of strategic performance and risk exposure, highlighting areas most at risk during the transition period. Our assessments provide an unbiased look across the organization giving a Board or interim executive the visibility they need to bridge the gap, as well as significantly reducing the “burn-in” time for the onboarding executive. We wrap these projects with a final Summary and Recommendations Report.

Synergy & Optimization


Organizations are continually expanding, contracting, adapting and evolving. Whether you’re dealing with rapid growth, considering a merger, or just want to take a look under the hood, our comprehensive SO360 addresses strategy, risk and resilience from the Board to the front lines. We help you determine if the organization has the ability to deliver on vision through strategy, governance, performance and culture. Customizable like our other products, it can include full or partial SPA and MC360 services with additional defined work such as external stakeholder input. As with all of our projects, we wrap with a final Summary and Recommendations Report.

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Strategic Planning & Facilitation Services

Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Vision Setting

Focus: Board & Senior Leadership

Defines the organizations Arkhe – its combined vision, mission, values, story and origin that will serve to ground both culture and strategy, orienting people at every level to ensure alignment and understanding of the future-state desired.


  • Vision & Mission Statements

  • Core Values

  • Long-Term Strategic Objectives

  • Risk Appetite

Strategic Planning

Focus: Leadership

A comprehensive review of both the internal and external environment using highly specialized tools and analysis methods that create relevance and priority of strategic initiatives that can be defined, measured and achieved.


Internal & External Assessment

  • Purpose, Growth & Survival priorities

  • Risk Tolerance

  • Strategic Initiatives

Performance Monitoring

Focus: Board & Senior Leadership

Defines and/or assesses robustness of performance monitoring, reporting, ensuring accurate, timely and efficient system for tracking KPIs and KRIs and emerging risk reporting.    


  • Defined KPIs and KRIs with triggers and thresholds

  • Chosen Scorecard

  • Emerging Risk Reporting methodology

Ad Hoc Advisory Services

Focus: Board & Senior Leadership

Ad hoc strategy & risk advisory services to support ongoing performance and adaptability. Scope and deliverables are defined by the client, adding a Chief Risk Officer capability when a full-time position is not warranted.


  • As Defined


Core Strategic Planning Package

We custom design all of our strategic planning projects to ensure that the specific needs of the organization is addressed with actionable outcomes and direction. Because we believe that even the small guys need strategic planning, our basic package starts at just $5k and includes a customized facilitation plan, one-day strategic planning workshop facilitation, follow-up session to set-up performance monitoring, Strategic Plan document and a final Summary & Recommendations Report.

Specialized Assessment Services
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Specialized Assessment Services

Capture Strategy
Deep Dive

Focus: Hybrid Gap Assessment

This highly specialized assessment & consulting focuses on identifying the root cause of declining sales and downtrends in customer/ revenue capture.

Benefits & Problems Addressed

  • Maps the relation & impact of both internal & external drivers of capture strategy

  • Reveals the root cause of negative drivers

  • Defines ideal attributes

  • Creates prioritized turn-around plan

Resiliency Deep Dive

Focus: Hybrid Gap Assessment

This highly specialized assessment focuses on the organizations overall ability to respond to crisis, adapt, evolve and leverage unexpected opportunities, and measures the viability of Business Continuity Plans.

Benefits & Problems Addressed

  • Identifies operational continuity gaps

  • Identifies imbalance in strategic focus causing risk to long-term sustainability

  • Assesses robustness of key decision processes

  • Creates prioritized plan for resilience efforts

Expansion Deep Dive

Focus: Hybrid Gap Assessment

This highly specialized assessment focuses on the stability and scalability of the current infrastructure to support expansion as well as the robustness of the due diligence process.

Benefits & Problems Addressed

  • Defines weaknesses & strengths in capabilities required for anticipated expansion

  • Assesses weaknesses in due diligence & decision processes

  • Defines success metrics

  • Creates scalability plan

Specialized Gap

These highly specialized projects deep dive into capture strategy, resilience and expansion efforts. Core project packages include discovery sessions, data analysis, solution workshops and then wrap with a final Summary and Recommendations Report.

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