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Regardless of your type of business, size, complexity, industry or maturity, there are three things you must succeed at: you have to deliver on vision and mission, grow the organization and ensure its long-term survival. Whether you realize it or not, every decision you make feeds one or more of these three elements. When you put one or two above the rest, you risk the others.

But that’s okay. This kind of risk is inherent in decision-making and is not something to be avoided but embraced. Effective decision-making is not about striking a perfect balance, but about finding healthy, calculated levels of risk within each of the three foundational pillars that align with your organization’s unique goals.

Let’s help you discover that balance and overcome your next organizational challenge using the Essential Strategy© approach.

Who We Help

We work with public and private organizations of all industries, sizes, and types, using a blend of your unique, internal expertise and our experience-based knowledge of guiding principles that apply across organizational boundaries to inform the consulting services you receive.

Think you need an industry expert to support your strategy, risk and resilience needs? While our extensive experience takes us across more industries than most, we succeed in any environment because we focus on bringing new insight to the strategy-risk discussion.

You don’t need a business consultant who is going to tell you what you already know, you need one that will dig deep into your unique operation to identify gaps and emerging threats, find systemic weaknesses and key performance drivers, and help you define and articulate risk appetite and tolerance.

Our clients range from start-ups to $1b global entities, for-profits, non-profits and local government and tribal entities. Our “sweet spot” lies in working with organizations facing significant transition, such as rapid growth, executive transition, merger/acquisition or new strategy implementation. When our clients are ready for an open, honest discussion about how to improve strategic performance and resilience, we are there.

No matter the size, all organizations benefit from our balanced approach to mission, growth, and survival and improved strategy design that is more robust because it is informed by mission critical risk and resilience priorities. We believe your organization will benefit from this too.

Challenges We Help Overcome

How many times have you overheard or had one of these thoughts yourself?

“Revenue is dropping off and we’re not sure why.”

“Our non-profit funding sources are drying up and we need a new strategy/business model/plan.”

“We are a government entity and need to identify gaps within our operation and design a strategy that creates greater efficiency and improves customer service within tight budget constraints.”

“We are launching a new State-funded/grant-funded program and need to design strategic goals with the input of a large number of external stakeholders.”

“Our CEO/ED/President recently left and we want a baseline risk/gap assessment to ensure nothing falls through while we are looking to hire a new executive.”

“I’ve just been hired as a new CEO/ED/President and want a baseline 360° assessment of our mission critical strategic and operational gaps.”

“We have gone through an acquisition and have lost our brand/market identity and it’s causing us to lose revenue.”

“We are trying to get a new company off the ground and require a scalable strategy/risk/resilience plan.”

“Rapid growth is creating concern. New risks are emerging, and existing risks are increasing that we’re not able to easily identify.”

“A recent natural event hit us hard and we need to develop and/or improve our continuity and resilience programs.”

“Our strategy isn’t working as planned and we’re not sure why.”

“Our board and senior leaders are not in alignment and it’s slowing down our ability to grow and expand the company.”

“We have culture and identity issues that are affecting goal execution and we need someone to help us figure out what’s going on.”

“Our organization is resistant to change which is making us less agile resilient. There must be a better solution than team building.”

“We have moved away from our original mission, vision, and values – we need an expert to walk us through the process of redefining who we are.”

“Our board and senior management lack performance accountability. We need some expert insight on creating KPIs and KRIs that are meaningful to our company.”

Maybe it’s time to schedule a free consultation with us!

Our Packages

Our clients are unique and so are the solutions we design for them. While we use the best industry tools and analytical processes to diagnose and solve problems, you will not find us depending on a one-size-fits-all product. Our goal is to help your organization so we will scope and design a project that gives you the results you need within the budget you have. Cost estimates are impacted by the size, complexity and urgency of the project, and we will always identify potential work that you can do in-house to save on fees. Some of our unique services offerings:

Core Strategic Planning Package – Starts at $5k

We custom design all of our strategic planning projects to ensure that the specific needs of the organization is addressed with actionable outcomes and direction. Because we believe that even the small guys need strategic planning, our basic package starts at just $5k and includes a customized facilitation plan, one-day strategic planning workshop facilitation, follow-up session to set-up performance monitoring, Strategic Plan document and a final Summary & Recommendations Report.

Strategic Performance AlignmentTM

We developed our SPA product to address disconnects between the Board and Leadership in areas of strategic vision, risk appetite, governance expectations and tone of culture. The basic project includes customized survey and interview work at the Board and Senior Management levels that result in a comprehensive Analysis & Recommendations Report that is typically followed-up with one or more workshops to address and resolve misalignments identified. We document and present all outcomes of our work, including often defined risk appetite and tolerance statements, and complete each project with a final Summary & Recommendations Report.

Mission Critical 360° TM

Our MC360 projects address performance risk in all operational aspects of the organization in order to identify those processes, systems, functions and tools that are mission critical to strategy execution at various levels of the organization. Work typically involves review of strategic objectives, past goal performance, operational programs, systems documentation, third party relationships and key management interviews to produce a preliminary Findings Report. Projects conclude with a final Summary & Recommendations Report.

Executive Transition 360°TM

Executive transitions are costly, time-consuming and disruptive – getting it right is absolutely critical. Our ET360 provides a baseline of strategic performance and risk exposure, highlighting areas most at risk during the transition period. Our assessments provide an unbiased look across the organization giving a Board or interim executive the visibility they need to bridge the gap, as well as significantly reducing the “burn-in” time for the onboarding executive. We wrap these projects with a final Summary and Recommendations Report.

Synergy & Optimization 360°TM

Organizations are continually expanding, contracting, adapting and evolving. Whether you’re dealing with rapid growth, considering a merger, or just want to take a look under the hood, our comprehensive SO360 addresses strategy, risk and resilience from the Board to the front lines. We help you determine if the organization has the ability to deliver on vision through strategy, governance, performance and culture. Customizable like our other products, it can include full or partial SPA and MC360 services with additional defined work such as external stakeholder input. As with all of our projects, we wrap with a final Summary and Recommendations Report.

Specialized Gap Assessments

These highly specialized projects deep dive into capture strategy, resilience and expansion efforts. Core project packages include discovery sessions, data analysis, solution workshops and then wrap with a final Summary and Recommendations Report.

Core Business Continuity Program

This is a complete, core business continuity program design package that comes with a proven framework and best-practice templates that can be modified to fit the organization supported by project management support and guidance.

Customized Team Training (10 – 25 Participants)

We offer Essential Strategy© training customized to your particular needs and operation! We come to you to work with your team where they feel most comfortable!

Why Essential Strategy© Matters

Strategic planning is more than just a process. Here’s why our Essential Strategy© integrated approach is so important.

Designing strategy without fully understanding the risks related to mission, growth, and survival sets you up for failure. We help ensure that strategic risks are properly identified and connected to objectives to ensure the best possible chance of success.

Executing strategy grows increasingly complex as your organization evolves. We help identify the tools, metrics, and triggers that will keep you ahead of the curve.

Identifying risks within your organization is difficult because there are so many to consider. We help focus those efforts on only what’s mission critical so you’re not spinning your wheels on the little stuff while missing the big stuff that could ambush your operation.

Your mission is everything! We help you balance your approach to strategy, risk, and resilience to ensure nothing gets in the way of mission delivery.

Decision-making is what you live and breathe. All of our projects are specifically designed to give you greater risk visibility and help you improve efficiency of operations.

Are you ready to overcome your next organizational challenge?

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