Muntean 2019

Christian Muntean at the 2020 Executive Strategy Symposium!

Christian is an incredibly accomplished and talented leadership expert. You will enjoy listening to his advice that is both practical and sage and remarkably easy to implement into your daily life!

Christian works with successful leaders to help them rapidly grow the value and impact of their organizations. His interest in leadership took shape while working in international disaster relief in places like Kosovo, Southern Sudan, and Indonesia. Regardless of how well or poorly a project was funded or designed, success was ultimately determined by the quality of leadership and dynamics of the team.

As a leadership coach and strategy consultant, Christian is recognized for how quickly he helps clients move towards their goals. Clients who work with Christian note his frank, objective approach to solving problems and addressing opportunities. He has become renowned for helping his clients successfully grow or navigate change with practical and easy to implement strategies.

Christian is called on by Fortune 500 companies, governments, and leaders in the entrepreneurial and non-profit community when they want to develop their personal leadership, help create high-functioning teams, or prepare for growth or change.

Christian is the author of Conflict and Leadership. His is next book, First Year CEO, is due to be published in late 2019. He is also a regular contributor to

Christian is a Certified Exit Planning Advisor. He is an Advanced Stakeholder Centered Coach and has taught leadership, mediation, and negotiation skills in numerous countries. He has an MA in Organizational Leadership and a BA in Sociology.

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