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Dr. Christine West at the 2020 Executive Strategy Symposium!

Christine is a free spirit with a whole lot of smarts! She will teach you things about how you relate and interact with others that you would never guess and will make you think and rethink what you thought you knew about yourself!

Christine West’s philosophy is no matter what you are striving for in life it needs to create value for yourself and for the people around you. As a Business Psychologist, Leadership Impact Expert, and Strategic Solutionist, Christine’s outcomes for her clients simplify human complexities, advance humans and inspire growth with her executive and performance coaching, leadership development and strategic solutions.  Christine’s expertise is in Human Behavior Patterns, Emotional Intelligence, Psychological Safety and Abuse, Communication, and Leadership.

Christine West is academically educated in business, technology, and in clinical, transpersonal, energy and business psychology and from the school of life. Christine’s experience started in corporate as a sales engineer and a managerial consultant in Chicago. The Business MD was founded in 2004 by Christine to create healthier workplaces and more effective leaders. Across the North America, in Europe and Asia she has coached, consulted and worked with professionals and emerging businesses of all sizes and industries to include solopreneurs, Fortune 100, Health and Wellness, Construction, Engineering, Hospitality, Tourism, IT, Telecommunications, Real Estate, Banking, Government, Transportation, and Legal as an expert witness. 

Christine currently lives in Anchorage, Alaska where she uses her secret weapon expertise to assess individual and group emotional intelligence and behavior to create a big impact in leadership, sales and to champion a strong workplace culture. Christine is very personable, extremely intuitive, openminded and spiritual.  She loves to play outside, travel, and her German Shepherd Zenzi.  Christine loves to surround herself with forward thinkers, action takers, vibrancy and authentic rebels and misfits who have an out of the box cause.

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