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Essential Strategy 

A simplified yet holistic approach to de-risking strategy and improving execution and performance through the integration of strategy, risk and resilience competencies. 

The Mission, Growth & Survival pillars represent the Essential Strategy foundation.


This integrated framework of strategy, risk and resilience capabilities are critical to the success of any organization, whether for-profit, nonprofit or public entity.


The Essential Strategy approach provides a logical foundation for executing strategy regardless of size or industry or tools already in use.

Across these foundational pillars are key activities designed to bring focus, improve business intelligence and refine execution. By identifying key attributes necessary to turn strategy into results, we create a roadmap for efficient yet effective processes that are scalable, relevant and easily fit-for-purpose.  

Finally, we solve problems with historically silo'd strategy, risk and resilience programs that can easily become overly complex and burdensome. We do this by applying a Mission Critical context to the entire process. By viewing Purpose, Growth & Survival through a Mission Critical lens, we find the thread that links the most crucial elements of each of these programs to create a more holistic, yet simplified process for developing strategy, mitigating risk, and developing resiliency.  

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ESB is a management training program that presents a whole new approach to integrating strategy, risk and resilience programs to create a more efficient and effective plan for goal execution. 


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Strategy - Risk - Resilience

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