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Essential Strategy© Bootcamp

Design & Execution with People in Mind

Essential Strategy© Bootcamp is a management training program that presents a whole new approach to integrating strategy, risk, and resilience programs to create a more efficient and effective plan for goal execution. It is designed for the person who wants a deep, fast dive into strategic planning. There is no course like this anywhere else!

Who Should Attend

  • Professionals responsible for directing strategic planning, enterprise risk, or continuity planning
  • C-suite executives looking to de-risk Strategy and create a more resilient organization 
  • Board directors who want to understand Strategy, Risk, and Resilience governance 

“Out of this training we begun to develop a decision tree which helps guide employees when they have concerns, issues, or observations. This tree ensures that employees are heard, their thoughts and ideas are important, and that the correct supervisor, management, or leadership personnel is notified and involved in the process. While we have not completely finished or perfected the process, this has cut the gossip monster down to a relatively manageable size. Employee engagement is one of our most difficult areas to improve upon and having a buy-in and responsibility in the strategic process along with our decision tree will help us to improve not only productivity but employee morale.”

Melody West, Executive Director, Sunshine Community Health Center

Challenges We Help Overcome

  • Find your highest point of contribution and regain control over where you spend your time.
  • Know whether your strategy is designed to be sustainable or if you are playing a short-term game.
  • Connect with, lead, and manage your millennial workforce
  • Get your team off “stuck” and moving into productive, action-oriented cycles
  • Identify strategic blind spots in your organization that are undermining progress of critical goals and initiatives
  • Increase your personal leadership effectiveness and impact
  • Learn how and when to course-correct with crisis messaging
  • Discover strategies for building the right team at the top
  • Improve the implementation of your strategic plan
  • Identify and address critical resilience weaknesses that are jeopardizing both strategy and mission delivery
  • Reduce the bottom-line cost of conflict in your organization
  • Bring values to the desk and drive ethical decision-making and morale throughout your organization

Program Value

  • Learn the essentials of strategy, risk, and continuity programs in a single class 
  • Walk away with a self-assessment and Action Plan for immediate implementation 
  • Understand how to create a framework for a resilient organization
  • Interact with and learn from other participants in a dynamic, engaging setting 
  • Receive real-time, problem-solving guidance from top consultants at a fraction of the cost of engagement  
  • Get key tips on ensuring best value from consultant services 

Course Schedule

September 1, 2020
8:00 a.m. Essential Strategy: Strategy Frameworks & Past Performance Review

September 8, 2020
8:00 a.m. Strategy Assessment & Design I: Mission/Vision, Mission Critical, Risk Appetite/Tolerance

September 15, 2020
8:00 a.m. Strategy Assessment & Design II: Planning Tools, Developing Strategic Objectives

September 22, 2020
8:00 a.m. Strategy Implementation & Performance I: Capacity Planning, Goal Method, Goal Design & Roll-Out

September 29, 2020
8:00 a.m. Strategy Implementation & Performance II: KPI & KRI Design, Emerging Risk, Reporting & Adjustment


Erin Sedor, CEO Black Fox Strategy & Developer of Essential Strategy

Jen Jarvis, CEO Jarvis Associates, LLC

The Essential Strategy Foundation

Strategy, Risk, & Resilience

Essential Strategy is a simplified yet holistic approach to de-risking strategy and improving execution and performance through the integration of strategy, risk, and resilience competencies developed by Erin Sedor, Black Fox Strategy

Strategic Planning, Risk Management, and Continuity programs have evolved separately despite an intuitive understanding that they should interact to support overall organizational success. The language used varies and the responsibilities for each live at different levels of the organization with functional silos inhibiting the flow of critical information across the risk-strategy barrier. Even worse, organizations often fall prey to the “all or nothing” integration mindset. We have a better way. 

Our Bootcamp training program presents a whole new approach to integrating strategy, risk, and resilience competencies to identify opportunities and mitigate risk while streamlining internal processes. There is no course like this anywhere else! 

Identifying and integrating the key elements of the Strategy, Risk, and Resilience programs create synergy, efficiency, and enable better goal execution. The concept is intuitive for best practice management. So why do more than 90% of companies still struggle with strategy execution? 

What has been missing until now is a curriculum specifically designed to bridge these three programs in a meaningful way that aligns the organization and informs strategic design without unnecessary complexity or reinvention of existing processes. 

In our bootcamp you will learn how to integrate strategy, risk, and resilience competencies, identifying and addressing gaps and inefficiencies that can negatively impact strategy. 

The concepts we teach apply to all organizations regardless of industry, size, or complexity and have proven successful within the for-profit, public, and non-profit sectors. 

Learning Objectives

  • Greater understanding of how strategy, risk, and resilience programs should fit together
  • Identify potential gaps in strategy design and goal execution
  • Understand the optimal roles played in strategy and risk planning within the organization and how to create synergy and better information flow
  • Gain insight into causes of common goal execution problems and how to address disconnects between strategic initiatives and operational goals
  • Gain efficiencies and increase effectiveness across your strategy, risk, and resilience programs in your department or organization
  • Learn how to complete a mission-critical assessment and add immediate value by identifying opportunity and risk priorities

What’s Included

  • Course Guide
  • Self-Assessment & Action Plan

Also included are interactive break-out sessions to provide time to apply learning to a Strategy Risk Maturity Level self-assessment and Action Plan.


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