Erin Sedor Essential Strategy

Essential Strategy for Boards & Councils

Essential Strategy for Boards & Councils

Learning to govern better through a balanced approach to Purpose, Growth & Survival

Classroom + Workshop 

This course is designed specifically for Board Directors and Tribal Councils who want to gain a deeper or broader understanding of governance from a Purpose, Growth & Survival foundation. This course is applicable to Boards & Council members from all types and sizes of organizations and all levels of experience. All of our training sessions may be attended in-person or via live stream.


In this course, we will walk you through each component of Essential Strategy, explaining how to set expectations and measure organizational performance from the Board level.


  • Purpose is focused on clearly defining the vision, mission, and values and how communication of these elements can affect the culture and competitive performance of your team.


  • Growth focuses on what it requires to identify the opportunities that have the best chance of success based on the capabilities and core competencies of the organization, and how to make proactive decisions to move your plan forward.


  • Survival brings focus to how we develop and refine our ability to adapt and evolve the organization as the environment we operate in changes. We will touch on what it takes to create resilience and explain how it goes far beyond continuity planning.


  • Mission Critical is how we prioritize our energy and efforts to create an optimal balance within the Purpose, Growth & Survival foundation. We will show you how to identify mission-critical and to connect the dots between it and your strategic goals to create greater focus and improve goal execution success.

We will show you how you can create solid governance practices that empower your management team, creates efficiency and help you understand the overall performance of the organization.


  • We will walk you through all the components involved in a holistic strategic planning process, identifying where the Board/Council’s role is in comparison with management’s role.


  • We will discuss how to set Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives with the key inputs from your management team. 


  • We will explain why defining risk appetite and tolerance is so important and what the Board/Council’s role is versus the management team.


  • We will walk you through the typical structure and KPIs and KRIs that support risk appetite/tolerance controls and how to guide your management team in presenting the data you need to see.


  • We will break down what questions you should ask and what level of information you should expect with regard to risk and resilience programs within the organization.


Throughout the course, you will be completing a self-assessment to help you identify potential opportunities and gaps within your Board/Council understanding of the organization’s strategy, risk, and resilience programs, and will help you develop an action plan to begin addressing those concerns. 


Course materials and Self-Assessment included.





3-Hour Session + 3-Hour Workshop

8am – 3pm (with 1-hour break)


In-Person: $625 per Course per person (includes facilities, materials & lunch)


Livestream: $525 (includes digital materials)

Learning Objectives

  • Hone your critical thinking Board/Council member skills

  • Understand how to use the Essential Strategy Foundation & Agile Framework

  • Understand why & how vision, mission, values, origin and story ground your entity

  • Learn how to move through a vision/ mission review

  • Learn how to identify potential opportunities, gaps and weaknesses that affect performance & growth

  • Understand how to define what is required to create resilience

  • Understand how Mission Critical applies to your organization

  • Learn how to assess the strength of strategic goals proposed by your management team based on the concepts of Purpose, Growth & Survival

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