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The Essential Strategy© Foundation

Mission, Growth, & Survival 

A simplified yet holistic approach to de-risking strategy and improving execution and performance through the integration of strategy, risk, and resilience competencies. 

Essential Strategy© Training Series

Strategy, Risk, & Resilience 

We’re now offering Essential Strategy© sessions and workshops over the course of the year to make our approach more accessible to you and your team! Join us one Friday a month at the Fireweed Business Center to learn a more balanced approach to mission, growth, and survival. 

Essential Strategy© Bootcamp

Design & Execution with People in Mind 

Essential Strategy© Bootcamp is an intensive 5-course series that presents a whole new approach to integrating strategy, risk, and resilience programs to create a more efficient and effective plan for goal execution. It is designed for the person who wants a deep, fast dive into strategic planning. There is no course like this anywhere else! 

Redefining Strategy, Risk, & Resilience 

A rapidly evolving business environment is rewriting the rules. And the very concept of competitive advantage is morphing right along with it. 

Today’s leaders need integrated, scalable capabilities to drive growth and sustainability. 

Today’s businesses need high-speed/low-drag tools to support nimble execution. 

Let’s rethink everything we’ve ever been taught about strategic planning and focus on designing a whole new strategy, risk, and resilience foundation. 

Let’s talk about a single, synergetic discipline that will rebalance your approach to mission, growth, and survival. 

Let’s talk about Essential Strategy©.

Approach vs. Process 

There Is a Difference. 

Essential Strategy© is all about the approach taken with strategic planning–the context around the most important decisions you make for your business. 

The process chosen simply guides the way for getting it done and will be unique to every organization. 

The complexity comes with choosing and using the right tools in the right way, and then correctly interpreting the relevance and interconnectedness of the data revealed. 

Mission, Growth, & Survival 

The Mission, Growth & Survival pillars represent the Essential Strategy© foundation. 

This integrated approach of strategy, risk, and resilience capabilities are critical to the success of any organization, whether for-profit, nonprofit, or public entity. 

The Essential Strategy© approach provides a logical foundation for executing strategy regardless of size or industry or tools already in use. 

Across these foundational pillars are key activities designed to bring focus, improve business intelligence, and refine execution. By identifying key attributes necessary to turn strategy into results, we create a roadmap for efficient yet effective processes that are scalable, relevant, and easily fit-for-purpose.   

Finally, we solve problems with historically siloed strategy—risk and resilience programs that can easily become overly complex and burdensome. We do this by applying context to the entire process in order to reveal the underlying critical path. By viewing Purpose, Growth, and Survival through a mission critical lens, we find the thread that links the most crucial elements of each of these programs to create a more holistic yet simplified process for developing strategy, mitigating risk, and developing resiliency. 

Are you ready to overcome your next organizational challenge? 

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