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Heart-Led Leadership

Executive Coaching

Erin’s strategic insights and ability to push me to make sure I am following the essentialist’s path are key to my current success. She helps me probe and assess whether or not I am maximizing my time and unique contributions to my mission-focused nonprofit organization. Our bi-weekly conversations range from short-term risk management to long-term strategic planning. I was in search of someone to ask me penetrating and challenging questions to bring a new perspective to the way I problem-solve and conduct business, and she has fulfilled that pursuit. 

~ Michele F. Prince, LCSW, MAJCS CEO OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center


What We Do

We work with CEOs and top Executive leaders to improve visibility and strategic performance traction in their first 12-24 months by understanding purpose, growth, and evolution for themselves, their team, and their organization.

Every client we work with is exceptionally intelligent, talented, and driven. The value we offer is perspective.  We have all the experience of a seasoned executive, and the passion to walk the path with you to explore and discover the solutions that will work.


Our goal is to help our clients reach a new level of self-awareness, understanding their greatest contribution, how they can positively impact others and move an organization forward, and how to achieve the goals and objectives they have set in any facets of their lives they choose.



  • Executive Coaching

  • Executive Team Coaching

  • Board Coaching/Advisory 

  • Executive Transition

  • Leadership Development

Our Niche

We specialize in helping executive leaders gain visibility and traction in the most critical first 12-24 months of their tenure. This includes:

  • Executives new to the top leadership role 

  • Seasoned Executives stepping into a new organization

Why We Do It

Because It's NOT Just Business Anymore

Quite simply, we do it because we are passionate about helping leaders succeed. Organizations simply cannot succeed long-term without having engaged people united behind a common cause. The leader at the top carries the heaviest burden in directing the creation of a vision and alignment of resources (human and otherwise) that moves the entity along a path of contribution, impact, and prosperity. We want to help.

As our philosophy around purpose, growth, and evolution became more and more of a foundation for our planning efforts, we realized that one reason it was so successful was that it resonated with the people using it. The leaders we work with inherently understand how those three things need to exist within the organization, and that finding equilibrium across purpose, growth, and evolution gave them a powerful mechanism to create strategic focus and discipline.

We also realized that there was a real need to coach our clients through certain challenges that arise during planning efforts because when it's done correctly, we often reveal hidden drivers of performance disconnects - many falling within the realm of leadership alignment - and many of which need to be addressed outside the strategic planning process.

We now have and use an individual application of our purpose, growth, and evolution framework to help leaders define their highest and greatest contribution, supporting dynamic introspection,

self-awareness, and highly productive relationships.

Our Philosophy and Approach

The philosophy is simple:

  • Purpose is what drives us, and defines the contributions we desire to make to the world.  Understanding and articulating our personal purpose provides perspective in all that we do.

  • Growth is elemental and necessary and fuels our desire for engagement and expansion in all areas of life. Creating intentionality around where, when, and how we want to grow reveals the way that we best navigate the world and avoid boredom and burnout.

  • Evolution is inevitable. We adapt day to day in small incremental ways, but holding a vision in any capacity requires that we anticipate the evolution that needs to, or that we desire to, take place. 

​These three things, purpose, growth, and evolution, represent the foundational corners of our coaching philosophy. Where the real magic happens, though, is in finding equilibrium in the sweet spot where purpose, growth, and evolution overlap. Just like a Venn diagram highlights the logical relationship between various factors, we find equilibrium in the Vital Juncture - where purpose, growth, and evolution priorities converge - where focus and priority for any or all facets of life shine through with clarity.

It is this philosophy, guided by the needs and focus of the client, that creates a coaching relationship unlike any other.   

How We Deliver
Better Outcomes

What we provide is not just executive coaching, but also deep expertise in risk analysis and strategy design. We have the tools and know-how to identify the real problems and craft holistic solutions that lead to lasting results.  We utilize this analyze - design - coach structure through all of our engagements. When coaching alone is the prime objective we are good with that too. 


We don’t “off the shelf” anything. We work hard to customize every aspect of the engagement, with clear and actionable outcomes that makes sense to you.


Every tool and system has value – we will work with you to optimize whatever you already have in place to create synergy without reinventing the wheel.

We understand the shifting nature of business and personal priorities, and that important but unscheduled issues arise that need to be addressed. We are flexible, and ensure that we show up for our clients how and when they need.



You need a good return on the investment, so we will work together to define and measure personal progress and impact.


We expect participation. Nothing we do will work without your involvement so we will all be rolling up our sleeves together.

Our Coaching Model

Our  project delivery approach is designed around four distinct stages - Discovery, Alignment, Pathfinding and Performance. Each one varies in depth and focus based on the unique needs of the client. 


Our deep and broad expertise is where we help our clients gain real value during each of these phases we know how to dig in, ask tough questions to help our clients get to the answers they need the most.


Discovery is the process where we delve in to learn about your strengths, intentions, priorities and concerns. It helps us define the work and the outcomes desired, together with meaningful measures of success. 


Alignment is where all the information captured in the Discovery process is revealed, helping all involved understand the current state of behaviors, relationships, reactivity and focus. From here, the coaching plan is refined and the work truly begins.


Pathfinding is the problem-solving stage of our process and involves regularly scheduled sessions where we tackle the issues at hand, and develop tactics and strategies for achieving the outcomes defined. As indicated by the name, we are 'finding the path' so there is no one size fits all here.


Performance simply helps the client understand if the changes they desired to make are coming about and if the strategies employed to get there are working. Performance outcomes are defined by the client in ways that are most meaningful to them, so there is no pre-determined targets or canned structure. 

You have a vision.

We can help get you there.

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