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Strategy fails and fails consistently. We need to make a fundamental shift in how we think about strategy design and planning that recognizes the complex adaptive nature of the organization. This requires an integrated approach to strategy, risk and resilience competencies that balance the internal needs of the organization and its people with the external needs of its clients, partners, industry, and stakeholders.


This is where a Quantum Intelligent Strategy design brings value.

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QI Strategy is a simplified approach for designing and executing strategy that improves organizational performance and long-term sustainability. It is built on a purpose, growth, and evolution foundation that brings clarity and focus by using the nexus where these three things converge to reveal hidden opportunities and weaknesses in the plan, and by creating a mechanism for a more intentional prioritization of time, energy, and resources in the pursuit of strategy.

Simplify your strategic planning process while improving effectiveness and outcomes

Align the plan with your vision and your people to the plan

Create a mechanism for prioritizing time, energy, and resource

Define risk appetite using your strategic priorities as the grounding point

Improve the effectiveness and agility of decision-making across your team

Aligned with the core principles of quantum physics and complexity science, the QI Strategy overcomes traditional failings of the strategic planning process because it emphasizes strategic-thinking discipline over static plan building.

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The Four Rules of QI Strategy:


Purpose must be internally compelling and contribute to a cause greater than the entity itself.


Growth is not Growth unless it can (also) be measured by the benefit provided to the stakeholders both in and outside the organization.


Evolution requires active anticipation of the changing needs and wants of both those who support and those who are served.


Purpose, Growth & Evolution are inherently connected and must exist in a state of Equilibrium, for the health and sustainability of the organization.

Why it Works

People inherently understand the concepts of purpose, growth, and evolution taking place throughout their own personal lives. We apply these concepts to the organization in a tactical way. We focus on structuring an entity’s existence around a clear and defined purpose for contribution, intentional growth of both the people and the organization, and make space for continual, adaptive learning. 

QI Strategy is easy to understand and easy to apply

It embraces the natural creativity and problem-solving capability of people

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It enhances – not replaces – strategic plans and priorities already in place

It provides an inherent mechanism for prioritizing new opportunties as they emerge

An Efficient Process

I use a four-step process organized around Discovery, Alignment, Pathfinding, and Performance  to put strategic planning elements in the right order and create space to bridge what we know we can do with where we want to go. What happens in each phase will be unique to each organization with activity, analysis, and outputs designed specifically for the problems we are trying to solve.

Discovery: Intelligence-gathering phase that includes people, operational, environmental drivers

Alignment: Determining if what you do is going to get you where you want to go

Pathfinding: Problem-solving and strategy-building stage

Performance: Where the plan to execute the strategy is created with clear measures of success

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Facilitation that
Gets the Job Done

You need an analyst, strategist, coach, and advisor - true strategy-solving requires all three disciplines if you’re serious about getting to the next level of success, and taking everyone along with you.

Push the boundaries and challenge status quo attitudes and outdated assumptions

Break things to build better things if you need to – the goal is antifragility

Foster powerful trusting teams that say exactly what needs to be said so you can succeed

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