Jarvis 2019

Jen Jarvis at the 2020 Executive Strategy Symposium!

Jen and I met a couple of years ago and she has the most energetic personality I’ve come across in a long time! She understands the dynamics of how people work together and has an uncanny knack for figuring out why people get “stuck” and how to get them out of the quicksand and back to work! 

Jen is a driven facilitator with the unique ability to unify diverse groups of people and create high functioning teams. Her talent for identifying and understanding challenges that organizations face when implementing strategy in the workplace improves meaningful employee engagement. This leads to a higher level of production, employee retention, and strategy execution.

​She does this by teaching organizations to “Be at Cause.” Staff and organizations often feel in the world of cause vs. effect they are victims of the latter. Shifting the paradigm in organizations empowers leaders and their direct reports to seek opportunities to move their work forward. One client stated, “I was looking to stop the infighting amongst team leaders in our organization, by the time we were finished the fighting had stopped and they actually became united in driving a project forward.” Jen has supported the complexities of engaging/aligning staff in the execution of strategy in government, healthcare, tribal, for-profit, and nonprofit.

​Jen hails from Michigan where she graduated from Ferris State University with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Math Education. Her current work is a continuation of her teaching and leaves organizations with sustainable competencies. She has teamed with Black Fox Strategy for the Essential Strategy Bootcamp to present best practices for goal execution and plan implementation.

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