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Jennifer Christensen at the 2020 Executive Strategy Symposium!

Jennifer has more creative talent in her little finger than I could muster in a lifetime lol! She knows how to translate vision into a digital language that is the norm in our world today!

With a Master’s Certificate in Online Marketing and Social Media from the University of San Francisco, Jenn was the first Alaskan to be Inbound Marketing Certified and was elected Marketer of the Year by the Alaska Chapter of the American Marketing Association in 2016. Her specialties include inbound, social media, marketing strategy, and more.

Jenn’s work in inbound has led her to speak at local and national conferences for a wide variety of industries including Alaska Inbound Marketing Summit (AIMS), the Anchorage Home Builders Association, the Alaska Peony Conference, the Rural Health Conference, the Rural Small Business Conference, and the national AABC Birth Institute. She has taught classes on topics like Facebook advertising and strategic marketing through Beacon Digital University for over five years. Jennifer is a contributing author of the book Digital Marketing Roadmap. Through her volunteer work with the Alaska Prison Fellowship, she has spoken at churches across Alaska.

Jenn’s speaking style is centered around storytelling and is highly interactive! She likes to provide specific, relevant examples to her audience instead of a 10,000-foot view. Jenn has a knack for explaining complex, technical concepts in a way that people can understand and act on.

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