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Mike Messick at the 2020 Executive Strategy Symposium!

Mike Messick. We are thrilled to add Mike to our speaker line-up for the Executive Strategy Symposium 2020. Mike is the owner of Deep Forest Security Consulting and a preeminent cyber security expert right here in Alaska! 

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in Computer science in 1997, Mike started his professional career at the state’s largest ISP, Internet Alaska, where he developed cutting-edge investigative techniques for ISPs and law enforcement that pushed the limits of technology while remaining within the confines of established case-law and legal constraints.

During his time at Internet Alaska, Mike assisted law enforcement and private entities with online investigations of all types ranging from stalking and white-collar crimes to drug trafficking and murder.  

In 1999, Mike moved to ConocoPhillips where he served as a Global Vulnerability Management Specialist.  In this role, Mike was part of a 7-person global team that developed policies & cyber-security awareness campaigns, provided risk management consultation, and performed vulnerability assessments and computer-intrusion incident response in a multi-national environment having over 5,000 servers, 38,000 desktops, and 50,000 employees.

After co-founding Digital Securus in 2005 with two APD detectives, Mike moved to a full-time role as CTO in late 2009, and then as sole owner in 2016 when the company was re-branded as Deep Forest Security Consulting.  For almost 15 years, Deep Forest Security has been providing cyber-incident response, information security risk management, and digital forensics for select clients requiring high levels of information assurance.  More recently, Deep Forest started offering managed security monitoring and threat hunting solutions that dramatically reduce risk of unauthorized activity and intrusion.

Deep Forest Security is also involved in the cyber counter-intelligence community as part of efforts to protect national critical infrastructure and multinational, US-based businesses against advanced cyber-threats.

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