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“It was a great pleasure to work with Black Fox Strategy. They did a really good job throughout the whole strategic planning process and working with our board and management team.”

– Andrew Guy, CEO of Calista Corporation

“Erin was a great resource in helping my evaluation of some businesses I was considering purchasing. I highly recommend her for that type of assistance as well as strategic planning, leadership development, business process development, gap assessments, and risk evaluation.”

– Kathy Dunkelberger, Manager at Arctic Energy Development

“Working with Black Fox Strategy was incredibly smooth. Erin is gifted at drawing out information from people in an easy and non-threatening manner. Black Fox Strategy is Socratic in its approach and provides clear direction. They were a delight to work with—the information they provided was thorough and mind-blowing. I myself was recommended to Black Fox Strategy by a friend who had a great experience working with them. I would highly recommend Black Fox. Their approach was professional, yet simultaneously easygoing and not forced.”

– Bill Newbry, CEO of Pacific Northwest Farmers Cooperative

“I engaged Erin Sedor in 2016 to support the development of an Enterprise Risk and Strategy competency for my newly formed organization. In that role, she supported a successful market entrance into a foreign country, working hand-in-hand with me through strategy development, relationship-building, and negotiations. Erin’s management expertise and strategic mindset were critical to our process, enhancing the discussion of other experts at the table to create a cohesive plan of attack. I was also impressed with Erin’s ability to build internal processes that were efficient and easy to implement. I will continue to engage Erin for future projects and recommend her highly to others who need a competent, strategic advisor in the C-Suite or Boardroom.”

– Michael Bradshaw, President of Jadin Tech/Now CEO of Akhiok-Kaguyak Inc.

“I’ve worked with Erin for 2 years. Erin is very professional, listens to your needs of the business, thinks outside the box, and brings back wonderful ideas. Erin is also very dedicated, committed, and loves what she does!”

– Kathryn Martin, Senior VP of Ahtna, Inc.

“Working with Erin and Black Fox Strategy was really good. Erin basically became a part of our team—communication with Erin Sedor was seamless. There weren’t any hurdles when choosing to work with Black Fox Strategy because of Erin’s extensive experience in insurance risk, executive coaching, team strategy, and building a board. Overall, I would not recommend working with Erin because I wish she could work with our team full-time!”

– Corey Tiedeman, Risk Manager at Chugach Corporation

“I have been through many bootcamp like classes, but none of them provided such invaluable info as Black Fox Strategy’s bootcamp. The bootcamp was essentially a group of consultants sharing their combined experiences in order to help other organizations with their strategy and mitigating risk. In the bootcamp, we covered how risk and strategy are related, types of risk, and how to actually devise a company-wide strategy. I would recommend Black Fox Strategy, especially for providing professional education in terms of risk in strategy, which is lacking in Anchorage. Erin is incredibly bright and provided impressive information.”

– Jamie Boring, Former Director at Anchorage Downtown Partnership

“Black Fox Strategy has been very helpful in re-centering our long-term thinking as an organization. The bootcamp fundamentally was a zoom-out analysis of our organization’s place in the market. It was helpful because it helped us get a big picture view as an organization as a whole, in addition to the bootcamp’s networking component. I would recommend Black Fox Strategy. They were a non-partial third party that effectively provided an outside, non-biased analysis of our organization. Erin brought great experience in insurance risk management. Additionally, since she works with many large companies, she was able to pull from her experience. She has a knack for pinpointing principles that can apply to a variety of strategies. Black Fox Strategy far exceed our expectations.”

– Leighton Lee, CEO of New Horizons Telecom, Inc.

“Erin Sedor at Black Fox Strategy has a well-rounded approach to solving problems—she is gifted at making difficult topics easily understandable. She tactfully articulated several complex topics with our board so that everyone was on the same page. Erin is personable yet gets to the point with her clear communication. Additionally, she is levelheaded and knows how to get to the root of problems. I would recommend the Essential Strategy Bootcamp. The bootcamp started with coffee and a clear agenda. Erin walked a group of 30 of us through a highly educational talk on risk management. I got to know everyone—from lunch to ice breakers, it was a great networking opportunity.”

– Cheryl Eluska, Operations Director at Ahkiok-Kaguyak, Inc.

“Out of this training we begun to develop a decision tree which helps guide employees when they have concerns, issues, or observations. This tree ensures that employees are heard, their thoughts and ideas are important, and that the correct supervisor, management, or leadership personnel is notified and involved in the process. While we have not completely finished or perfected the process, this has cut the gossip monster down to a relatively manageable size. Employee engagement is one of our most difficult areas to improve upon and having a buy-in and responsibility in the strategic process along with our decision tree will help us to improve not only productivity but employee morale.”

– Melody West, Executive Director of Sunshine Community Health Center

“Erin brings unmatched expertise, passion, and integrity to a management team. She excels at truly understanding the nuts and bolts of a business venture to ensure that risks are identified and managed. Her support for business operations has been indispensable in evaluating, pursuing, and winning profitable business.”

– Thomas Showalter, Director at Connect HR

“I have had the pleasure of having worked with Erin Sedor for the past several years. Her capabilities in Strategic Planning development and facilitation have been most impressive. Her broad background provides a value-add perspective to both the facilitation and end product. Erin’s experience with various sizes and types of organizations contributes to her ability to easily adjust to the group and enables her to build processes around the organization. She has the ability to listen and stimulate productive dialogue during her facilitation, all while keeping on track with the subject at hand. She has the temperament to effectively lead the group to out-of-the-box thinking which is vital to strategic planning. If there is anything further that I can provide as to Erin’s capabilities and experience, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

– Gerrie Ann L’Heureux, Former CEO of Alaska Pacific Corporation

“Erin Sedor came to us during a time we were considering a possible merger/acquisition. Her sage advice was crucial and very accurate regarding our options and terms we should be seeking. She also helped our board to craft a strategic plan and travelled to Southern California to present a draft to our board. We are thrilled to have her with us to help us through a very challenging year and with her assistance we are laying a solid foundation for the future. Personally, as Director of this non-profit, her ability to assess our needs and make astute suggestions has been invaluable. I highly recommend her skillset to those with challenging business issues. Please feel free to contact me with any-and-all questions regarding her services.”

– Lydia Floyd, Executive Director of Hands4Hope LA

“Erin’s strategic insights and ability to push me to make sure I am following the essentialist’s path are key to my current success. She helps me probe and assess whether or not I am maximizing my time and unique contributions to my mission-focused non-profit organization. Our bi-weekly conversations range from short-term risk management to long-term strategic planning. I was in search of someone to ask me penetrating and challenging questions to bring a new perspective to the way I problem solve and conduct business, and she has fulfilled that pursuit. Thank you for serving OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center by providing this high-level coaching and collaboration.”

– Michele F. Prince, LCSW, MAJCS CEO of OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center

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