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Essential Strategy FAQs

We have been getting a lot of questions about our upcoming Essential Strategy Bootcamp© happening in Anchorage on October 10th and Wasilla on October 12th – here are the answers!

What exactly is Essential Strategy? Within the management industry, strategic planning, risk management and resilience planning have all evolved along their own tracks. Essential Strategy is a way to combine the most important pieces of these three programs to create a more streamlined and effective plan for de-risking and executing strategy.

Who designed Essential Strategy? Essential Strategy was developed by Erin Sedor, an Alaskan-based consultant with more than 26 years of operational experience focused on risk and strategy. Up until starting her practice, she honed her skills at developing hybrid programs inside of both large and small companies, publicly traded entities, regulated utilities and Alaska Native Corporations. The culmination of that experience led to the development of Essential Strategy, the process she utilizes with her clients and others who want to learn a better way to accomplish strategy design and execution within their own organizations. Erin has spoken about the Essential Strategy approach on the national stage and support clients both in and outside of Alaska.

I am a small business owner – will Essential Strategy Bootcamp help me? YES! In a small business, resources are often constrained, and an owner may be wearing several hats – risk manager, chief strategist, operations control, etc. The value of ESB for small business is learning how to identify and address those risks and opportunities most critical to your business in order to design a plan specific to the size, complexity and resources available within the organization. You already know what you want to do – we simply help you identify and then avoid pitfalls along the way!

I work in a large, complex organization and we have departments for each of these areas – how will Essential Strategy Bootcamp help us? Essential Strategy was developed through years of working inside of complex and challenging entities, where critical information and data was often lost in the noise of day-to-day operations. Understanding how to identify issues that have the potential to impact the organization at a strategic level – a mission critical level – is the foundation of the Essential Strategy approach and process. In the ESB, we will teach you a process for identifying and prioritizing strategic risk and opportunity more successfully.

Isn’t the Essential Strategy Bootcamp an out-of-state training course? Nope! ESB was designed by Erin Sedor, a risk and strategy expert based right here in Alaska. We have two additional consultant trainers supporting the ESB, Jen Jarvis of Professional Growth Systems (an Alaskan firm), and Harvey Meier with Harvey A. Meier, Co. who has more than 30 years supporting executives and boards in Alaska and across the Pacific Northwest.

We have a lot of confusion about who does what in my organization – will you talk about that? Absolutely. We will outline best practice on defining roles in both small and large organizations, including how to connect and create synergy throughout the process from the top down. Even if you are a one-person-army spinning up a small business, you need to wear different hats at different times to gain an appropriately broad perspective. We will give you tools to help that process.

My problem is not so much how to plan and organize it all, it is how to put it in place successfully and follow through…. Ok, this one isn’t a question, but rather, a statement that we hear a lot. The “answer” is yes, we will address successful implementation. The structure of the ESB focuses on first design and then execution (with roles addressed throughout). We will address the primary pitfalls in strategy execution and you will leave the day with better insight into what may be slowing you down, as well as concrete steps on how to move your plan forward.

I saw the term “cascading” regarding the ESB. What is that about? Good question! Cascading refers to how the plan, design and most importantly the work moves through all the levels of the organization. Everyone should be engaged and have a role in seeing the strategy become the reality. Cascading your strategy throughout the organization not only spreads the work and accomplishments, it empowers staff to participate in creating their own future as they move implementation forward. Because plan implementation necessarily requires people, understanding how to effectively but efficiency achieve “buy-in” is critical to successful goal execution.

Can you help me justify the cost for attending ESB? We guarantee that the value you gain from the course will far exceed the ticket cost! The Early Bird pricing for ESB is $420 – that is about the same price for just a single hour of consulting from any one of our consultant trainers. All three are successful consultants and are working with clients to solve problems like yours on a daily basis. Plus, you will learn from other attendees and will get to hear how they are dealing with the same issues. You will not only come away with an understanding of the key elements in strategy, risk, and resilience programming, but will develop an action plan to implement real solutions to problems you’re facing right now in your organization.

Is this just a one-time thing? No! The Essential Strategy Bootcamp will be offered on an annual basis with a progressively developed curriculum to ensure participants build on their knowledge and experience. Join the 2018 ESB Cohort for special access to materials and learning sessions throughout the year!

If we haven’t addressed your question here, please reach out to us HERE!

Visit our website HERE to sign up!  

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