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What is an ERM Consultant?

Updated: Apr 24

Are you wondering what an ERM consultant is and what they can do for your business? ERM, or enterprise risk management, works to help businesses and organizations manage and minimize risks in order to protect their company.

Organizations in any industry can benefit from having this kind of management strategy in place. To learn more about ERM as well as the benefits that come with it, keep reading this helpful guide. Find out more about this strategy and how it can help your company today.

What is ERM?

ERM is a process focused on strategy setting company-wide. This strategy works to predict potential risks or threats in order to prepare the company for them with possible solutions. This strategy uses a framework using tools, people, and rules to put in established responsibilities, processes, and technology to mitigate risks.

There are tons of benefits that can come with seeking assistance from an ERM consultant. To learn about these benefits, keep reading.

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Creation of a Risk-Focused Culture

When businesses focus on risk management at leadership levels, it results in a trickle-down effect, opening discussions of possible risks to happen at all levels.

This results in a cultural shift within the organization, which allows for the identification of risks and evaluation more openly company-wide. This allows risk management to be a standard element in all business practices.

Sharing this information across all departments within an organization can allow for better insights and decision-making when it comes to risks at all levels.

This encourages more efficient use of resources, as many individuals will be involved in reporting and managing risks across many different areas. It also improves the tools and framework used to handle critical risk management.

This eliminates redundant processes and improves efficiency by allocating the right kind and amount of tools and resources to mitigate risks.

Improved Perspective and Focus on Risk

ERM helps to identify and develop key indicators that can work to detect a potential risk event that can provide an early risk warning. Certain metrics can improve certain risk reporting and data that can help track potential changes in vulnerabilities or the likelihood of a risk.

This can also alert organizations of any changes in their risk profile.

This provides a fuller perspective of risks to find opportunities for competitive positions in a certain market. By allowing for a better structure with reporting and analysis or risks, you can track them to improve those who are in charge of making risk mitigation strategies and decisions.

All of this data works together to help leadership understand the most important risk areas.

Hire an ERM Consultant Today

To keep your company successful, you need to be able to predict potential risks and develop strategies for how to avoid or adapt to them. Hiring an ERM consultant can offer a third-party expert point of view regarding your organizational risks and how to move through them.

Are you looking for an expert to help you with risk and resilience management? If so, contact Erin today to get started.


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