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Building Powerful and Trusting Teams with Science

Understand Yourself
Understand Others
Help Others Understand

When individuals understand the greater context of how to engage and connect with others on their team, it provides powerful insight that leads to creative problem-solving and strategy execution.


To open the door to this kind of awareness, I use the PrinciplesYou assessment and PrinciplesUs coaching platform, designed to help people learn what they are really like so they can build better relationships.

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PrinciplesYou creators include Ray Dalio, entrepreneur and investor behind Bridgewater Associates, together with expert psychologists Dr. Adam Grant, Dr. Brian Little, and Dr. John Golden. PrinciplesYou combines best-in-class frameworks, leading personality science, and practical, proven insights from decades of real-world business experience.

Strategy requires powerful, trusting, and aligned teams.
One simply does not exist without the other.

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PrinciplesYou is my preferred assessment for raising individual awareness around Personality Traits, and the PrinciplesUs Platform brings the power of self-awareness to the team level.

  • It focuses on creating greater awareness of cognitive, interpersonal, and motivational traits, allowing it to serve both the individual and the team.

  • It celebrates individuality by recognizing primary and secondary archetypes (because people are complex), and also illustrates that while we have core personality traits, we often work outside of those (in free traits) to accomplish important work in both our personal and professional lives.

  • The assessment has tremendous depth, but the presentation is easy to follow, understand, and utilize. It is scientifically validated as a reliable measure of personality, and is more accurate than anything else I've seen.

Enhance team dynamics with the PrinciplesUs personality insights platform.

Teams function at their highest level with better self awareness and understanding of each other. 


See how people Complement each other, where there is Tension, and where there is Opportunity

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Using the PrinciplesUs team dashboard, we access reports that provide a vivid portrait of how the team can leverage its collective strengths, and where greater awareness can foster adaptive learning, personal growth and team synergy.

Team workshops that build trust and unlock team performance.

The team workshop, coupled with the PrinciplesUs assessment, accelerates how teams collaborate by understanding and appreciating their personality differences.  


Vulnerability in the workplace takes years of practice, experience, and confidence built over time. Yet, it is vital in creating team cohesion. A lack of transparency amongst teams hinders how they function and ultimately achieve goals.


For leaders and teams looking to create a culture of continuous improvement, the team building workshop can help them gain a deeper perspective on each other and work better together.

This hands-on experience gives a richer picture of team dynamics and a how-to guide to interacting more effectively to achieve shared goals.

Team Visualizations


Build the foundation of strong team dynamics. 

The PrinciplesUs platform allows leaders and individuals to reflect on the composition of the whole team to understand similarities and differences, where they complement each other, and where the team might improve.

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Creating Team Cohesion through Honest Conversation

75% of participants gave more feedback to their peers and leaders post-workshop.


Build Ongoing Growth by Leverating the Learnings

76% of participants are more comfortable sharing their perspectives openly post-workshop.


Optimize Personality Differences for Better Results

77% of participants better understood others' perspectives to enhance team alignment post-workshop.


PrinciplesUs is a product of Principles, a Ray Dalio Company. Erin Sedor, Black Fox Strategy is certified as a PrinciplesUs Coach.


Understand the Team You Have.
Build the Team You Need.

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