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Unlock Your Team’s Full Potential with Quantum-Intelligent Leadership + PrinciplesUs

Professional Development for Individuals & Teams

Vulnerability in the workplace takes years of practice, experience, and confidence built over time. Yet, it is vital for creating team cohesion.

The PrinciplesUs assessment accelerates how teams collaborate by understanding and appreciating individual personality differences. When misperceptions exist between team members, it hinders how they function and ultimately achieve goals. For leaders looking to create a culture of performance excellence, this team building workshop can help you gain a deeper appreciation of each other and how to work better together.

Building ongoing growth by leveraging the learnings

76% of participants are more comfortable sharing their perspectives openly

Create team cohesion through honest conversation

75% of participants gave more feedback to their peers and leaders post-workshop

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Optimize personality differences for better results

77% of participants better understood others' perspectives to enhance team alignment

Start the Journey: PrinciplesUs Team Workshop

Workshop Overview

Pre-Workshop: The PrinciplesYou Assessment

Each participant will receive an invitation to take the PrinciplesYou assessment. They will receive their reports immediately, along with basic tools and guidance on understanding the results.

  • 2 to 4 Hour Workshop

  • In-person or Virtual

  • Up to 20 Participants

  • Includes PrinciplesUs 1-year subscription

Workshop Agenda

At the workshop, participants will explore their own results with teammates and learn more about each other. Each workshop is custom-designed based on the unique results and dynamics of the team.

  • Introduction to PrinciplesYou personality science

  • Understanding your PrinciplesYou Assessment

  • Small group interactive discussion of individual results

  • Discovering team dynamics with PrinciplesUs

  • Leveraging strengths with the team

  • Building a personal action plan for growth


  • PrinciplesUs Team Visual

  • Personal Growth Action Plan

Training Delivered Your Way

Structure training delivery in a 2-hour virtual workshop, or expand to a half-day for an even more engaging in-person event!

Virtual: $325 per person
Minimum 10 per Event

In-Person: $10,500 for up to 20 participants

More than 20? Add for $325 each

PrinciplesUs Platform Fee
$96 per person/year

Continue the Journey: Quantum Intelligent Leadership

Once your team has completed the PrinciplesUs Workshop, continue the professional development of your supervising managers with a hybrid Quantum-Intelligent Leadership + PrinciplesUs Manager Development. This 4-6 hour program gives managers the tools they need to be more effective in executing strategy, supporting performance, and building your next generation of leaders.

Leveraging QI Leadership & PrinciplesUs for Team Engagement
  • Learn to leverage behavioral insights to improve employee engagement

  • Optimize onboarding and introduction to the new employee’s team

  • Deliver impactful coaching through a more tailored management style

  • Manage career and professional development conversations in a productive and positive way

Course Outline

Module 1: The Quantum Organization
  • The quantum nature of the organization

  • How people, strategy, and culture connect

  • Leveraging the dynamic nature of CAS

  • Using personality science to evolve culture and boost organizational resilience

Module 3: Career and Personal Development
  • Structure career / personal development sessions with your team

  • Map out skills, behaviors, & growth areas

  • Set mutually agreed-upon growth objectives and building action plans against them

Module 5: Connecting Strategy
  • This final module is custom-designed to connect managers to the company's strategy to improve understanding, alignment, awareness, and strategic performance.

Module 4: Bringing it All Together With Performance Management
  • Evaluating performance against mutually agreed upon growth plans

  • Use self-awareness to manage effectiveness in accomplishing growth objectives

  • Use feedback to engage and track growth objectives in an ongoing way

Virtual & In-Person Options

Virtual: Per Person Investment: $525

Minimum 10 to an Event

In-Person: $15,250 for up to 20 participants

More than 20? Add for $525 each

There are investment options for these two programs to fit every budget - give me a
call today to discuss how I can help your team get to the next level.

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What's Next?

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