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Strategy Risk & Resilience Whitepapers

Operationalizing Risk Management: a Roadmap for Getting There


This whitepaper, the first in a series under development, addresses the tactical implementation, and then holistic integration of Enterprise Risk, Business Resiliency and Strategic Planning programs.


Best practice in every one of these areas points to the harmonization between the three programs as a key characteristic of mature management capability, and while frameworks, theories and standards abound, creating such a model is a challenging exercise in puzzle building for most organizations.


In this series, I will break down the key elements of each program and illustrate how they can be designed, organized and scaled to fit together cohesively in any type or size of organization. Finally, I will identify pitfalls and key success factors for getting each of them operational in a way that is realistic, timely and relevant to the way you to do business! 

Mission Critical: The Essential Link Between Risk & Strategy

This white paper was written for the public sector at the request of AFERM, originally published in the January 2018 Newsletter. 

Risk managers understand risk. They eat it, live it, and breathe it every day. They understand how to identify, analyze, and control or transfer it away. The challenge comes with taking that skillset and applying it outside of a functional hazard-loss perspective in order to capture strategic exposures. It’s not enough to understand risk – you must also understand strategy. A limited view is further exacerbated by a lack of strategic information flow up and down the organizational hierarchy. The ability to implement a risk competency across operational programs is the call sign of a good risk manager but pushing that competency up to integrate with strategy is its own special exercise in fire walking.

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Tools & Templates

Essential Strategy Basic Template

Editable MS Word document containing the basic elements recommended for Essential Strategy planning, to be used in conjunction with the Essential Strategy Toolkit.

Essential Strategy Toolkit

Editable MS Word document containing planning tools that are key to Essential Strategy plan development.

Essential Strategy QuickCard

A 2-page overview of the Essential Strategy approach 

Execution Essentials

Highlights the critical elements of strategy execution for optimal performance

Mission Critical Essentials

An overview of how Mission Critical applies within the Essential Strategy approach

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