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Ready to up your strategy game?

It's not about the plan.  It's about leading 
Agile Thought Discipline.

A Multi-Dimensional Approach to Executive Coaching

I blend expertise in strategy design and enterprise risk with personalized coaching and advisory that builds internal discipline in these areas. You are an expert in your business - I simply help you think about what you already know in a more holistic way, creating a quantum-intelligent organization able to successfully navigate today and tomorrow.

My clients are complex and unique. They need fluid process facilitation and customized strategy models that work specifically for them. 

I partner with leaders and their teams for the duration of the project. I work for you and with you to help your team think smarter about what they already know. I am intentionally not married to any specific framework or model. We will use the tools that are right for you to deepen your understanding and support strategic decisions to further the purpose, growth, and evolution of your organization.

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Executive Coach

Erin is a seasoned executive who combines years of real-world strategic expertise with amazing executive coaching ability.

 I've observed her coach leaders on a variety of challenges, and her energy, insights, and presence come through loud and clear. If you are an executive -- including a new executive in your first 12-18 months when you must make an impact -- Erin is an important addition to your team. She will help you and your team get clear and aligned about their vision, strategic priorities, and performance accountability. I highly recommend her work.

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Assess, Analyze & Understand

Challenge assumptions by understanding internal capabilities and external market needs and industry drivers. Reveal hidden opportunities and blind spots to improve strategy design.

Design & Refine Strategy

Align the organization and its resources around deep purpose, create an intentional plan for growth, and evolve capabilities to meet the continually changing needs of those served.

Build Strategic Thinking Discipline 

Create alignment around key strategic priorities, build a discipline around meaningful and efficient performance measures, and design agility through proactive observation and testing of anticipated results.  

Set the Stage for Continual Learning & Evolution

Iterative performance enhancement through individual leader and team coaching to raise awareness of self-perception and impact on others, team dynamics, and effective mentorship.

Why Work with Me? 

Experience. Expertise. Approach.

Leading successful organizations is a multi-disciplinary endeavor.  Executive leaders must be equipped to harness the power of human creativity, leverage the momentum behind a pure vision, and navigate a dynamic world landscape.


Why would you want any less from an Executive Coach and Advisor?

I have 30 years of risk/strategy experience with degrees in finance, organizational management, legal studies, and business administration.  


I maintain professional designations in Executive Coaching, Strategy Design, and Enterprise Risk.  

Most importantly, I love seeing people realize their true worth and contribution because, at the end of the day, it's not just a job, is it? 

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Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a critical, foundational competency required for every organization, regardless of size, complexity, industry, or objective.

Why I Do the Work 

Organizations are complex adaptive systems made up of complex adaptive humans. 

When we treat them as such, allowing for creative and agile,  problem-solving, they thrive.

It's time to set a new bar for organizational success and contribution.

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Business People

I am often asked this question:

Just What does a Strategic Planning Facilitator Do anyway? 


Strategic planning requires leadership to examine and clearly articulate why the organization exists and how it will move through a continual cycle of growth and evolution to support the contributions it makes to both the employees who support it and the clients, consumers, and stakeholders who depend on it.  Unfortunately, this organizational capability and crucial leadership skillset often falls short.


  • The organization’s vision may fail to clearly describe its contribution to a greater cause and how those supporting it can participate.

  • The plan for growth may be hyperfocused on revenue, ignoring the need to reinvest in expanding capabilities to maintain agility in meeting market demand.

  • A lack of attention in building organizational sustainability in favor of shorter-term success agendas can inhibit necessary evolution.

The key to successful strategic planning is to understand that it is an energetic thought discipline, not a periodic event.

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Creative Office

Planning efforts must pull the team into a space that challenges the status quo and where creative and expansive thought dialogues have the opportunity to birth strategic breakthroughs. The resulting plan must be clear and well-balanced, intelligent and responsive, pragmatic and inspirational.


An organization is simply a term for an organized collection of people, aligned for a common cause to accomplish specific, intended results. The entity itself cannot accomplish anything without the collective effort, creativity and insight of all involved, just as a strategic plan cannot accomplish the intent of the words on the paper without that same collective action of the people it’s intended to guide.

Read more about getting a good ROI on your next planning workshop!

“Working with Erin Sedor of Black Fox Strategy for the past two years has been an amazing experience.  During our strategic planning sessions, Erin professionally guided our board and senior management staff through a series of visioning exercises to meet the ongoing challenges our organization faces, while at the same time helping us recognize our inherent strengths and tremendous progress.  She is a skilled facilitator, who can synthesize varied sources of information and input in real-time. Erin produces strong visual and written products, which guides our organization in the form of our strategic plan.  We value our partnership with Black Fox Strategy and look forward many more effective planning sessions.”

~ Dr. Jessica Black, Fairbanks Native Association Board President

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My clients are smart, capable leaders who know that it sometimes takes a fresh approach and new eyes to evaluate a situation.



Getting to the root of a problem is never as easy as we would want it to be. Understanding why something is happening requires a broad knowledge base about the entire organizational structure from systems and processes to people and money. Every aspect of how an entity functions is connected – a seemingly unrelated thing could be the key driver of the issue we are trying to solve – it is easy to be short-sighted if there is a lack in this understanding.

This is my Sweet Spot

You know your business better than anyone. I provide a fresh perspective and an unbiased analysis of how your organization operates. The gaps and issues I help your team find usually come as no surprise - but it’s how they are connected that is often a revelation.

The value I provide isn’t about handing you a solution on a platter – it's about rolling my sleeves up with you to build strategic thinking discipline.


The decisions you make today are just the beginning. The best possible outcome isn't just a new strategic plan - creating a continual learning mentality that challenges the status quo at every turn is. 

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We worked with Black Fox Strategy in 2019 to gap assess an issue we had affecting client capture in one of our groups. From the start, we thought we knew what the problem was and that Erin would simply confirm our suspicions. We were enlightened when her analysis revealed that what we thought was an issue wasn’t one at all – we actually had a completely different problem. She then worked with our team to create an action plan to get the group back to an optimum level of performance. The results have been extremely successful – we couldn’t be happier! Erin’s ability to get at the root of a problem and then support a team in crafting the solution is exceptional."

~  Lydia Griffey, Senior Principal at Stantec

Stand Up Meeting

What to expect when you work with me

Efficient. Personalized. Sustainable. 

I value your time as much as my own. My goal is to work alongside your team, using my expertise to add to your institutional knowledge, leaving you in a better place than where you started and providing exceptional value and return on your investment.

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The more time I spent with CEOs and EDs to create purpose, growth, and evolution for their organization, the more I realized they needed to do the same for themselves.


Calm Woman

Leaders set the tone for the entire organization - a vision for the future, the way people and resources will align, and the strategic decisions that move the business forward. They must balance the needs of employees, consumers, stakeholders, and partners. They are responsible for the financial, cultural, and reputational health of the entity they lead. They must support, rely on, and trust the handful of experts that make up their senior team. It is not easy, and hyper-evolving business and social systems are revealing the flaws in many traditional leadership models. 

The world is changing. A new breed of leader is quietly emerging across the globe.


These new leaders are not only highly self-aware but recognize the holistic and entangled nature of the world we live and work in. They recognize their organization as the complex adaptive system that it is, and that the truly agile organization moves simultaneously (like a flock of birds) as opposed to command-and-follow. These leaders are driven by a deep need to contribute their energy and talent to a cause that is greater than the bottom line. They recognize that the growth of their people is the key to a thriving organization, and they are fearless in breaking down barriers that inhibit creativity and pathfinding at every level. 


In doing so, we are breaking 100 years of standard business practice and old models die hard. These are the leaders I seek to work with - helping them break the mold to create a more holistic, quantum-conscious business model. ​



Individual Executive Coaching

I work with individual executives to:

  • Clarify purpose, growth, and evolution for the organization, their team, and themselves

  • Identify their greatest contribution and passion, building a path to fully realize their vision

  • Develop strategies to overcome limiting beliefs that impede success

  • To lead and support a dynamic team of leaders as both individuals and as a whole

  • Navigate significant change with confidence and clarity


Team Coaching

I work with executive teams to:

  • Align around common causes and build a foundation of respect for each other and the team as a whole

  • Build trust through communication, action, and commitments

  • Embrace uncertainty and seek the opportunities within change

  • Gain a more quantum-intelligent perspective on the organization, its contribution, and mode of success

  • Create strategic thought discipline that supports agility and adaptation 

Erin’s strategic insights and ability to push me to make sure I am following the essentialist’s path are key to my current success. She helps me probe and assess whether or not I am maximizing my time and unique contributions to my mission-focused nonprofit organization. Our bi-weekly conversations range from short-term risk management to long-term strategic planning. I was in search of someone to ask me penetrating and challenging questions to bring a new perspective to the way I problem-solve and conduct business, and she has fulfilled that pursuit. 

~ Michele F. Prince, LCSW, MAJCS CEO OUR HOUSE Grief Support Center

My Philosophy

  • Purpose is what drives us. It defines the contributions we desire to make to the world both personally and professionally.  Just as understanding and articulating organizational purpose provides perspective in the work that we do, creating clarity of purpose for ourselves provides perspective on what we do and how we choose to do it.

  • Growth is elemental and fuels our desire for engagement and expansion in all areas of life - including work. Creating intentionality around where, when, and how we want to grow reveals the way that we best navigate the world, finding equilibrium to avoid burnout so that we make our best contribution.

  • Evolution is inevitable. We adapt every day in small incremental ways to address our immediate needs and move towards important milestones. However, holding a vision for the big things - those things we consider the most important to living a complete and full life both personally and professionally - requires that we anticipate our own evolution, allowing that vision to manifest. 

These three tenets create a holistic coaching experience as unique as the individuals I work with.   

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I can help you get there.

You have a vision.

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